Free* battery testing, fitting & recycling

We offer free* in-store battery testing. Using our advanced diagnostic equipment we can determine whether your battery is servicable, or at end of life, and make the necessary recommendations. This would involve either charging or replacement.

With a range of batteries in store, we can cater for anything from cars to jet skis, campervans to motorboats. Stocking some of the world’s leading battery manufacturers – including Exide, Fulmen, Banner and Odyssey – we can source the right battery for your application.

Following the replacement of your old battery we guarantee to dispose of your battery responsibly.

(*restrictions apply)

Battery Testing


Free, in-store battery testing. No need to book, just pop in.

Battery Fitting


Buy a battery from us and we will fit it free of charge (*restrictions apply).

Battery Recycling


We can recycle and dispose of your old battery.

Battery Charging


Battery charging service available, prices from £4.95.

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    Interesting Facts

    Is a battery really just a battery? Think about every battery we use and where they are used, in our homes,
    communications, medical, travel, emergency services and more…



    Stop-start technology is more environmentally friendly, reducing the emissions when your car is idling. The added benefit is that it reduces your fuel costs.



    When charging a car battery, connecting positive to negative and negative to positive could result in damage to the alternator or even an explosion.



    The city of Fairbanks, Alaska, is home to the world’s largest rechargeable battery, powering the whole city during power outages.



    Vehicle batteries contain lead dioxide and sulfuric acid – both of which have a negative impact on the environment. Legally, you cannot dispose of batteries with your household waste. We can take your old battery and dispose of it responsibly for you.